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  • Your Guide to Buying Second Hand Wood Burning Stoves

    second hand wood burning stovesSecond hand wood burning stoves and the market: These stoves are not easy to find especially when most of them are in demand. There are common sources in which limited models and brands of second hand stoves can be located. For instance, local shops, private dealers, online sites, advertisements, and yard sales are just a few ways to find cheaper stoves.

    Second hand wood burning stoves and their types: For buyers of secondhand stoves, there are types of burners that can be purchased. These types may cost less compared to brand new and updated models, but are still capable of generating good performance. Those types that are made from cast iron are more expensive, durable and high performing. For second hand stoves, it is important to check if fixtures and fittings are still operational.

    second hand wood burning stoves styleThere are Second hand wood burning stoves that can generate heat by using wood chips or even saw dust. There are also outdoor kinds that can be used even for exterior heating, etc. Insert wood burning stoves that can be placed on walls, between walls of two rooms, and air-wash stoves are also purchasable.

    Second hand wood burning stoves: Why size matters?

    In selecting the right stove size, a customer must consider the following:

    • What is the size of the room?
    • Where it will be placed?
    • What is the number of rooms to be heated?
    • What are sizes of rooms to be warmed?
    • Will it be for central heating or is it for a single room?
    • What is the output of Second hand wood burning stoves?

    In choosing inappropriate stoves, satisfaction of users will be affected. This is especially true during winter seasons when temperature reaches high level and heat becomes essential. If it is too small, the warmth produced by the stove will not even be enough for residents in a home. On the other hand, too large stoves for small rooms waste heat and wood more than necessary. Wrong choices of second hand wood burning stoves are cost ineffective and disappointing.

    Second hand wood burning stoves and air flow: If air present in a room is conducive enough, large-sized burners can create enough heat. In order to determine which stoves are compatible with the size and number of rooms, two methods can be applied. First, customers can search sites that offer measuring systems. These virtual calculators will calculate the most suitable wood burning stoves based on the size of a room. Second, inquire on local sellers or stove providers to ensure that all Second hand wood burning stoves details are reliable.

    second hand wood burning stoves chimneySecond hand wood burning stoves and the chimney: These stoves can be used with existing home chimneys. This is to eliminate the option of inserting them to walls or placing them in corners of the house. This is beneficial for owners who have pets and children. However, most chimneys today must be incorporated with stainless interior lining to prevent fire accidents.

    Second hand wood burning stoves and installation types: There are three ways stoves can be placed inside a home or property: inglenook, inserted, and stand-alone. If an owner has preference in the height of the wood burner, this can be followed. Inglenook models allow them to be placed without paying too much especially if a chimney already exists. These stoves can just be placed inside the fireplace. Insert types are those which can be set into walls, while stand-alone types are those that can be placed appropriately anywhere.


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  • Using Inserts for a Wooden Stove

    wood stove insertA wood stove insert is tough shell placed in a typical fireplace. It can transform a standard hearth into a financially viable place inside a home. It can also help owners cut back on the money they usually spent for gas to provide heating during the winter season. They can use the money that they will save for other important matters like paying health care and electrical bills.

    Inserts are available in different styles and shades through various companies that manufacture wooden stove accessories. One reason why this tool functions superbly is that it offers adequate insulation to the stove set-up so that the heat produce by the burning wood will not escape from the structure.

    They can be installed quickly in any kind of fireplace. Prospective owners do not have to modify their pit area just to accommodate the insert. Some smokestacks have a glass shield that stops the heat from going through when it is not being use. The standard shade for this accessory is color black. Consumers love this shade since they do not have to clean it regularly.

    An insert made out of wood maybe simpler to maintain but the black variation will mask the ash and smoke stains easier. It also prevents a person from removing dirt from every corner of the fireplace since it shields it from grime and soot.

    wood stove insert air blowersAnother unique advantage of the warmer insert is that it possesses air blowers, which are useful in spreading heat throughout the residence. Homemakers do not need to acquire several stoves just to improve the temperature in each room.

    Although traditional tools are made from metal and has high heat conductivity, possessing a blower is a financially sound decision. There are some types that can even be fitted with a thermometer, allowing people to monitor it easily if it is producing enough warmth or not.

    Land-based and online home improvement stores offer two variations of this product. The first one fits tight to the hearth and the second one is installed vertically and pops out from it. Although this equipment is considered to be a smaller version of the wooden warmer, they are more affordable to take home compared with the standard version.

    But because of their outside appearance, there is a possibility that high class inserts made from treated wood will cost more money than a bigger kiln. For household owners that require a top class model to enhance the feel and look of their residence, this is considered a favorable option.

    Possessing a standard fire pit is an interesting additional to any house but cleaning it can be a big bother especially if it requires constant maintenance.

    wood stove insert stress-free cleaningHaving a wood stove insert allows owners to have a stress-free cleaning schedule and just enjoy the benefits of having the set-up in their place. Having the object in their possession can instantly upgrade the design and capability of the home warmer without having to spend for additional paraphernalia to increase their efficiency.

    For an affordable price of 1,200 dollars, people can have a durable heating in their house especially during chilly months.

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  • Finding the Right Accessories for Wood Stoves

    wood stove accessoriesThere are different things that prospective owners can do to improve the capabilities of their wooden stove. Acquiring this kind of warmer is not simple, but it has a long life span if cared properly. Nowadays, there is a wide array of useful wood stove accessories that anyone can choose from. These items ensure that the temperature inside the residence is maintained at a comfortable level especially during the winter season.

    If it is a standard variety warmer, people should stock wood logs near their home since they will not be able to cut wood once the temperature suddenly drops outside. This task will be easier if homeowners invest in a basket to keep the items in one place. They are offered by shops in different colors and sizes. Wicker is the most popular type of basket since it is very durable and affordable.

    Thermometers are also a helpful addition to the kiln since they are an accurate way of keeping an eye on the temperature of the set-up and the actual location. This will also prevent wasting timber to produce hotter flame. There are variations that can be connected to the wall, kiln and exhaust pipe.

    wood stove accessories heat reclaimerA heat reclaimer enhances the heat efficiency of the equipment. It helps users save money from buying additional wood. It is also manufactured to prevent heat from escaping through the stove pipe. How can anyone place the wood inside the warmer without hurting their hands? Individuals that are doing the process without any hand protection can suffer circulatory problems later on in their life.

    A pair of treated leather gloves can withstand considerable heat and protect the hands from incurring long-term damage. Pick a long pair that can shield the arms as well since they are also vulnerable to excessive heat.  Kiln accessories also include kettles, which are commonly used to boil water for hot chocolate, coffee, tea and bath.

    This tool is available in various sizes and colors. They are generally made from reinforced steel covered with paint to protect it from corrosion. Stove doors are a type of accessory that homeowners can buy or not. They are usually used to guard the front portion of the stove.

    Independent warmers can be connected to legs made from different materials. This feature places an intimate touch to the kiln owned by each customer. Another well-known enhancement is the drawer to collect ash. It should be big enough so that it will not need to be cleaned constantly.

    wood stove accessories manually operated fanWood stove accessories also include the soapstone streamer. It is a big stone that controls heat conduction from the warmer. It is place above it and produces enough moisture to keep the area humid. One characteristic of wood stoves is that they remove all of the water content in a spot so using this accessory is necessary. Some people use a manually-operated fan to spread the heated air in their home especially during the winter months. Wooden stoves can also function as a home heater with the help of this kind of fan.

    Some online shops offer customize accessories so homeowners that want to request for a unique item can do so for a price. They even offer shipping for clients living in far places.

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  • A Step-by-Step Guide for Wooden Stove Installation

    wood stove installationThere are a significant number of considerations that a prospective owner must weigh carefully before pursuing wood stove installation. It is vital for homeowners to ensure that the material is place on flooring that will not burn immediately.

    This kind of stove must also have built-in steel pipe to push smoke outside of the residence. Stove placement is considered to be a challenging process so it is an excellent idea to choose a professional to do the activity.

    The initial step for stove placement is to look for the right area to install it. It is very important that it is in a non-combustible spot like stone, bricks, ceramic and cement since it can cause fire. Materials like vinyl, wood and plastic are not compatible to accommodate equipment because of their composition.

    The building fire code in the United States indicates that the object must be installed in a location surrounded by permitted material that has a minimum measurement of 15 inches. The portion used to carry the wood must have a measurement of 18 inches to prevent any concerns. It ensures that no sparks from the stove will damage the floor and cause a blaze.

    The next wood stove installation step is that the equipment should be place 12 inches away from the wall.wood stove installation napoleon stove This is a very important consideration since walls made from highly flammable materials can post danger to the occupants of the house. It can only be moved closer if the panel is protected with a fire shield.

    The pipe is a crucial component of the stove so it should be made of reinforced metal to improve durability. There should be another bigger pipe surrounding the first one that is nine inches from the wall. The most popular stove offered in the market is the Napoleon Stove, which is available in three different variations and features various amenities like a reinforced fire box and air duct.

    Before doing this project, it is prudent to ask for tips from people who have experienced this matter in the past. They would be able to provide reminders on what things should be done or not. The local fire department can also give tips on how to increase the safety standard of the object and prevent any catastrophic incidents from happening.

    Gather the parts for the warmer before starting the process to avoid compulsive buying. This will prevent people from exceeding the budget they have set for the machine. Keep an open eye for web-based shops that offer discounts on their items since they also offer free shipping on bulk items.

    wood stove installation degree of heatOne thing that individuals usually forget with stove placement is that the kiln is only capable of providing a specific degree of heat. Prospective owners should review the characteristics and capacity of the stoves available in the industry. This will allow them to decide properly if it can give them enough heat or not.

    The layout of the home can also influence a person’s decision on the issue since if they have a wide floor area; heated oxygen will spread quickly all over the residence.

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  • The Right Way to Install a Wood Burning Stove

    wood burning stove installationA lot of homeowners consider wood burning stoves as an effective way to maintain the temperature in their homes especially during the winter season. But it is important to know the correct procedures for wood burning stove installation to avoid any untoward accidents. It will also help maximize the equipment’s full potential since there are no reasons for sudden malfunctions.

    Like any other household appliances, prospective owners can look for a stove that will best fit their style, home décor and finances. It is recommended that they ask for the recommendations of their friends and family members who have personally experienced the matter to ensure that they know what they are doing.

    To individuals considered to be Do-It-Yourself (DIY), the installation of the stove may look easy. Since they have considerable experience in different aspects of home improvement projects, they believe that they will not encounter any problems.

    But the answer is a resounding ‘no’ since experience is not enough to have the skills to ensure a successful installation. Some of the things they must consider are the age of their home, the condition of their chimney, the laws regarding smoke control in their area of residence and if they have a chimney built in their residence.

    wood burning stove installation stove placementThe most common stove placement is a standard pipe and plate installation. This activity involves connecting the stove to a previously installed chimney. The chimney receives gas with the help of an enamelled pipe. This is reinforced by a tough metal plate.

    The most effective option in handling this type of stove is to use double skinned liner on the chimney. This will increase the life span of the equipment to 20 years and enhances its capability of producing good heat.

    People that do not have a chimney in their home can still experience the benefits of having a stove. This is possible by utilizing reinforced flue steel pipe. They can place the pipe through the roof, the wall and outside of the home.

    For people that want to personally try wood burning stove, it is recommended that they acquire the different parts of the stove from various web retailers. It will allow them to compare prices and take advantage of the discounts to conserve their budget.

    The parts should also comply with the rules set by the Building Regulations Circular J. The homeowners should request a construction permit with their area council.

    Another favorable way is to hire the services of a professional stove installation company. They must be duly registered with HETAS to ensure that they follow with the ISO-approved standards. They would be able to proceed with the project without the approval of building construction office in their community.

    Homeowners must remember the five rules of wood burning stove positioning to make things easier for them in the long term. The first one is ask for help from experts. Never attempt to resolve an issue with the stove especially if they do not have any clue on what they should do.

    wood burning stove installation expertsThe next one is to check if the item matches the requirements of what they are looking for. Never sacrifice safety standards for a quick installation since it is their safeguard against any future problems.

    Follow the fire code set by the local Bureau of Fire Protection. Last but not the least; choose a good wood to burn like hickory to help improve the ambiance inside the house.

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  • Information about second hand wood burning stoves will be added shortly!

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